artist GMD


I'm Gavin Doyle, a self-taught, Wicklow-based artist, with a passion for painting with oils.

I sketched and painted non-stop as a child, stopping around the time when life become busier. Bills to pay necessitated full-time jobs, add in a home and young family and I fell out of practice. 

In no small part, thanks to Covid, I found myself with dare I say it, free time and began once again to pick up a paint brush. I joined Instagram, mainly for inspiration, then began showcasing my own paintings. People started buying them and my confidence grew.

I'm often asked ‘what is your style’? A question which throws me somewhat, as  I'm not sure I have an answer. Perhaps 'moody expressions of still life' is as close a description as I've found. I paint whatever and wherever the mood takes me. At the moment it's experimenting and being braver each time I put brush to canvas.

Time spent in the natural world, observing the unusual, colourful and obscure is never wasted and will often inspire. I’m forever collecting ideas and being a day-dreamer (my super-power) really helps.

Plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery, so I will  often beg and borrow from my painting heroes: Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Gaudi, Matisse, Dali and Caravaggio to name a few...

I used to paint using acrylics as I thought oils were reserved for those who could actually paint, but now I know better. The ability to re-work those buttery, wet, oils suits the procrastinator in me. I was once asked how I manage to get so much texture in my paintings. Simple, that will happen when you paint over something you don’t like and start again, and again... 


'Moody expressions of still life'